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SP SpareParts | Bitcoin accepted here

From October 1st 2018, SP Industries LTD. accepts Bitcoin as means of payment for business on MRO (Maintenance, Repairment and Overhaul) for industrial spare parts, SP SpareParts |

Despite the bureaucratic difficulties of using Bitcoin, we understand the transformative power of technology and the potential of the Blockchain technology.

“It all started when some customers came to us asking for this option. We then realised that the use of Blockchain technology is already a viable option in some developing countries, where the fees and transfer times are unbearable, if not impossible” Pietro Wielkmann, IT Business Developer Manager.

Sometimes the costs of using platforms like PayPal or any other Gateway Payment provider are hard to understand, specially from the point of view of someone from outside the online retail business. Using these platforms lead to problems due its high fees, frozen accounts or other problems linked with the service these platforms provide to the user. Hereunder you can find the main reasons why we decided to move in this direction even if digital currency transactions are not entirely foolproof.

  1. Lower fees
  2. Freedom –  Bitcoin lowers the barriers for the business worldwide. We need to remember that
  3. almost 2.5 Billion people on this planet do not have bank accounts. And this reality limits heavily the
    global trade.
  4. Decentralization
We know drifting towards cryptocurrencies will not change the situation, but we think by allowing them as a payment method we will support the Blockchain community. And, what’s more, we will improve the service to our customers.
SP SpareParts team keeps on searching for Blockchain solutions that might bring value to our industry and our customers.